• Data Replication for HP NonStop Platforms - Protect your data from disasters

    We make the difference in your data replication decisions.

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  • Introducing evolution

    evolution enables Oracle® GoldenGate platforms to be converted to DRNet® platforms with zero customer facing outages, zero programming, and zero loss of transactions. Installed in about a day, evolution implements the network fabric for seamless migration with little to no risk.

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  • Accurate Data Replication

    Accurate data replication, flexible file selection, online changes, and resilient HP NonStop processing allow DRNet® APS to create fully accessible multiple-database environments.

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  • Ensure the continuity of your business during planned outages and disasters

    The NTI team offers dedicated support to augment the DRNet® products’ unrivaled stability through times when your data is most vulnerable.

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  • Active/Active Replication

    DRNet®/APS, or Active-Active, allows applications to be partitioned across multiple HP NonStop Servers. A common database image is maintained across all locations. Provides increased redundancy and flexibility, better response time, and continuous use of the NonStop hardware.

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  • News/Events

      Introducing evolution - Enabling the Seamless Migration from GoldenGate to DRNet

      NTI is excited to announce evolution - Convert your existing GoldenGate platforms to DRNet platforms with zero customer facing outages, zero programming, and zero loss of transactions! With LiveLink support for both GoldenGate and DRNet platforms, migrations result in little to no risk. View our evolution product page for more information or to schedule a webcast to learn how NTI can help you evolve to more modern hardware and application solutions.

      Announcing DRNet Support for HPE Integrity NonStop X

      DRNet 6.0 introduces support for the HPE Integrity NonStop X platform. This release is compatible with G-, H-, J-, and L-Series RVU's, as well as all of the platforms supported by DRNet®/OPEN.

  • NTI Support

    Software Support Page

    Clients have access to NTI software, software updates, support documentation, 24-hour telephone support no matter where they are in the world.

    Contact us on +1 (614) 794 6000, if you would like to request a Trial License Agreement.

About Us

Network Technologies International, Inc. (NTI) pioneered data replication for non-TMF protected Enscribe databases in 1993. DRNet ® was the first data replication product to support TMF and non-TMF databases.

NTI has long-established distributor relationships with technology companies in every part of the world in order to better support our global customer base. Our expertise spans all major NonStop Server-based applications.

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Our Commitment

As the premier provider of mission-critical disaster recovery solutions for HP NonStop servers. NTI maintains a 24-hour hotline to back up our worldwide customers.

We have experienced product support staff in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. We have a proven track record of delivering technologically superior solutions and the hands-on experience to make them work.

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  • Products

    • NTI is passionate about building effective, high-performance software that provides clients with flexible solutions for their business. However, software alone does not ensure success, so to assist in customization and integration efforts, NTI offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services.

      NTI’s consultants and system engineers are some of the brightest in the industry and specialize in NonStop architecture. Working as part of your team, we will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions while staying focused on your goals.


  • Solutions

    • Even the most stable and reliable business-critical system can be a victim of natural disasters or other unforeseen catastrophic events. While the HP NonStop Server hardware platform provides a solid foundation for these fault-tolerant applications, it cannot protect your organization from large-scale catastrophes that can wipe out data and shut down strategic applications.

      This means Disaster Recovery is not just about peace of mind; it is about maintaining a competitive edge. NTI provides solutions focused on maintaining that competitive edge and providing immediate availability when disaster strikes.