DRNet® products support all database types, with or without TMF protection. Supports Expand and TCP/IP for inter-system connectivity. No source code changes are necessary for implementation.

DRNet®/HB - Hot Backup for Disaster Recovery

DRNet®/HB performs all required database synchronization tasks from the primary to the backup system. This provides the functionality to perform a system switch from a primary to the backup system with a minimum window of outage time. The primary factors involved in switching time are the amount of time required to start the backup application and to switch communications to the backup system.

DRNet®/HBR - Hot Backup with Recovery for High Availability

In addition to forwarding changes from the primary system to the backup system, HBR collects changes originating from the backup system for replication back to the primary system. This is used to recover data created on the backup system where application activity is taking place as a result of a system switch. When the primary system becomes available the databases are synchronized, allowing a controlled switch back to the primary without loss of database changes.

DRNet®/APS - Application Partitioning System for Continuous Availability

DRNet®/APS allows applications to be partitioned across multiple HP NonStop Server nodes where physical or geographic separation of applications is desired. DRNet® cross-feeds database changes between two or more NonStop Server nodes in a "dual-mode" fashion. A common database image is maintained across all locations, regardless of where database changes originate. The benefits of APS include increased redundancy and flexibility, better response time, and continuous use of the NonStop hardware. DRNet®/APS supports both TMF and non-TMF database environments.