NTI Introduces:

evolution : 1) the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form

Recent market changes have motivated demand for NTI to develop a system for converting Oracle® GoldenGate systems to DRNet® within a strict set of guidelines:

• Absolutely no application downtime

• Absolutely no impact on customer facing transaction performance

• Absolutely no application programming required

• Little to no understanding of the actual Tandem application

• Enable migrations to happen over many months instead of the usual middle of the night big bang approach

• Eliminate most, if not all, risk

WE LISTENED. And now, as the result of a newer implementation approach for DRNet, these goals can all be met. Introducing the evolution Program.

Our goals are simple:

To evolve legacy NonStop hosted software to current X86 hardware
To evolve legacy NonStop applications to modern application solutions

evolution enables GoldenGate platforms to be converted to DRNet platforms with zero customer facing outages, zero programming, and zero loss of transactions. Installed in about a day, evolution implements the network fabric for seamless migration with little to no risk.

FOCUS provides an in-depth analysis of your existing GoldenGate environment. By understanding what works and what doesn’t work, our experts can suggest changes/improvements for your data protection environment.

LiveLink provides full 7x24x365 End to End Evolution support. LiveLink experts provide full support for both GoldenGate and DRNet platforms, resulting in true project start to completion coverage for any issue that may arise.

MIGRATION is the final step in your evolution experience. Our expert team will assist you with the analysis of your business transactions and the planning for the migration of these transactions over to the new platform, one business function at a time.




How it Works:

The evolution from GoldenGate to DRNet®

Step 1 – the landscape. Because we can consider GoldenGate to be “just another” Tandem application, we can attach DRNet to GoldenGate without any User Application interference. No outages. No impact. With little to any knowledge of the actual application or the intricacies of GoldenGate required.

Step 2 – The User Application begins simultaneous processing on the Xbox.

Step 3 – We provide Active/Active replication back to the original application.