Delivering solutions for HPE NonStop users that satisfies their requirements for the movement of data.

DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers

PROVisioning: Excellence in Data

Enterprises need to be more data-first in all that they do; data is a wasted asset if you cannot get insight form it.

Antonio Neri
Antonio Neri


DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers paves the way for greater participation of HPE NonStop in today’s world of enterprise hybrid IT.

Combining replication with distribution, integration and transformation in a single product, HPE customers can look to NTI to turn data into information and provide actionable insights that lead to better business outcomes.

DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers continuing to turn data into information and information into opportunity for better business insight.

Whether the business need is to replicate for data protection with disaster avoidance, or to replicate data created on NonStop to open platforms and databases, or simply to deliver mission critical data in real time to processes where comprehensive data analytics is to be performed, NTI has turned its messaging into a product with DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers


One solution, one vendor, only ever one call to make!

Check! NTI delivers and has a history of delivering such a solution to NonStop users and now customers new to NTI can have it all too-no other products required!


A combination of DRNet®/Core, DRNet®/Open and DRNet®/Vision, NonStop customers will have it all!

  • Continue with traditional data replication for business continuity
  • Distribute data to Oracle or DB2, whether in the cloud or on the edge
  • Integrate your data with Kafka, Splunk, ELK and more
  • Addition of data transformation when pursuing integration

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At NTI we have the right team to execute on any data opportunities arising from the business needs of the NonStop community.


Satisfies today’s business needs for single source solution meeting its data needs.

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